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Julie K Nail Art

The BEST Full-Coverage Nail Tips You'll Ever Use

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These are the exact nail tips I used for the New York Fashion Week runway show for The Blonds show in February, 2022!

Full-coverage press-on nails have taken the beauty world by storm, with no sign of slowing down. But as someone who talks with beauty writers regularly, the biggest complaint from consumers is achieving the proper fit.

A nail tip that is too curved or too thick will not fit the apex of the natural nail correctly, and will pop off prematurely.

But I have the solution! I first found these tips in Hong Kong and am SO EXCITED to finally offer them to you! These tips are ultra-thin at the cuticle, ensuring a seamless fit for nail plates of all shapes and curvatures. If you make press-ons for others, these will give your customers an incredible fit!

Each box has 10 branches x 24 tips in 12 sizes, size 0 - 11 for a minimum of 10 full sets.