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Julie K Nail Artelier

Emerald-cut Rainbow Stones, 50 count

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What a dream to feast your eyes on! 8-sided, emerald cut gemstones in 5 colors:

  • Lilac with Aurora Borealis flash (blue/green/yellow/pink)
  • Cornflower Blue with Aurora Borealis flash (blue/green/yellow)
  • Baby Pink with Aurora Borealis flash (green/yellow/orange)
  • Peridot green with Aurora Borealis flash (green/blue/yellow)
  • Clear/golden yellow with Aurora Borealis Flash (clear from the top, yellow underneath, with orange and green belly)

Application: Gel gel or acrylic

Your mix of 50 will be a random mix of all of the 5 colors above - if you want to be sure to receive a certain amount of one color, please order multiple :) Jar color may vary.