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Julie K Nail Art

The ONLY Lint-Free Wipe you'll ever use again - 650 count

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For years, we have searched high and low for a truly lint-free nail wipe that was also absorbent - a nearly impossible feat. But we FOUND IT! 

These cotton wipes can be used wet or dry! These are different because at first, they feel like a starched dress shirt, until they're saturated with acetone, alcohol, cuticle oil, or water - then they become super soft and pliable! These can be used for cleaning your brush, removing the dispersion layer, nail prep, and polish removal. Used dry, they are excellent at removing excess cuticle oil from the finished nail for that perfect IG shot.

These cotton wipes come 650 to a pack - yes, six HUNDRED and fifty. For comparison, the average pack of lint-free wipes are 200 count.